Creating multiple models with form objects in Rails.

Update: User MelissaLiberty from Reddit pointed out how they would improve the form object and some of it faults. The form object has been updated to reflect their excellent points. Often, when we start a new Rails app we start with simple controllers, and we start by generating everything with scaffolding. There is nothing wrong … Continue reading Creating multiple models with form objects in Rails.

Rails Benchmarking

So you want to know fast your Rails app is going? If you just want to see how fast a bit of code is you can use the Benchmark module which is part of the Ruby Standard Library. If you want to compare two or more bits of Ruby code that do the same thing … Continue reading Rails Benchmarking

Ruby off Rails

So, Ruby is well know for its hugely popular gem Rails which greatly simplifies building websites. But what are some other programs built in Ruby? Here are a few very popular examples. RubyMotion – Develop native apps for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) and OS X in Ruby. It is based on MacRuby which was … Continue reading Ruby off Rails

Naming Ruby Gems

I created a gem called tiedye and I wanted to explain a bit of my reasoning behind why I named it that. So, lets talk about naming. Why call this gem tiedye? How do I decide to name Ruby gems in the first place? First, there are a few community conventions on how to name … Continue reading Naming Ruby Gems

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